About us
Company Introduction

Shenzhen Hanghongda Technology Co., LTD., is a supply chain hardware + industrial Internet +AI analysis system solution provider, founded in 2009, based on intelligent lock, location (high precision), trajectory, related personnel, temperature, humidity, liquid level, AI analysis, big data mining, combined with vehicle, storage, container, tanker, moving objects, outdoor equipment management. Carry out innovative exploration, and successfully create the supply chain physical control system - chain. In the supply chain process to achieve in-transit monitoring, intelligent warehousing, sensor acquisition, big data and AI analysis, to provide owners with a more predictable, economic, affordable, reliable transparent supply chain, to achieve anti-theft, security, management. Since its establishment in 2009, the team has experienced the development of hardware products, system platforms, and industry applications. In-depth industrial Internet of Things technology, subdivision of the supply chain logistics transportation in transit monitoring, cross-border container tracking, environmental waste recycling tracking, food safety traceability, bulk cargo tracking, business coverage of the national market and Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and other markets.

8 smart device product lines:

Logistics lock/Bluetooth lock /LORA lock/Management lock/Smart box/electronic seal/smart sensor/smart gateway

1 IOT middle desk:

To provide customers with intelligent and intensive iot data interface.

4 cloud control applications:

Logistics cloud control, energy cloud control, place cloud control, security cloud control.

Product business Scope:

Covering the national and international markets, including Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and other places.